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Cobourg Interactive Timeline

Cobourg Interactive Timeline
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The Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre


MAY 16 - October 12, 2015

Yard Sale


Starting at 8 a.m.
Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre
141 Orr Street, Cobourg


Donated items can be dropped off at the Centre on
Thursday, June 4 9am – 6pm
or to arrange pick up or drop off phone 905-373-7222
(no clothing or encyclopaedia please)

Why Did the Rice Lake Bridge Fail?

Perhaps for the first time since its demise in Crowd150517Small1861, the entire 2.6 mile length of the bridge was viewable (at a slightly reduced scale!) as a crowd gathered for George Parker's presentation.  George explained that he believes the engineers and contractor have been unjustly blamed for the failure of the bridge.

Demonstration150517Using bird seed he demonstrated how their proposed plans would have protected the bridge, if they had been carried out.  However, civic pride and the desire for a reasonable return on investment, together with a shortage of manpower occasioned by the Crimean War, conspired to turn great dreams into a colossal failure.

You can see the models, maps and pictures George used, and possibly discuss the theory with him, by visiting the Heritage Centre where there's lots more to enjoy.

Donated Doll’s House Draws Attention

The Sandercock Doll's HouseFor years Don Sandercock and his wife Marlene, residents of Camborne, had enjoyed building a large scale doll's house.  Whenever they went on a holiday, they would bring back something to furnish or decorate the house.  However, when Mrs. Sandercock died in 2014, the house lost some of it appeal for Don, so he sought a new home for it, where it could still be appreciated.

Cobourg's Heritage Centre seemed like a good fit, and so the house now sits in a corner of the Gift Shop here, donated by Don in memory of Darlene.  It seems to be a special attraction for the ladies, young and not so young.


Model Ore Car Unveiled

George Parker & Murray King with Ore Car ModelOn our closing weekend a 1/4 size model of the "made-in-Cobourg" Crossen ore car was unveiled by its creator, George Parker, and Murray King, who had turned the wheels.  Red oak cubes replaced iron ore as the workings of the car were demonstrated to an appreciative audience.  Beside being an exhibit in its own right, the model is serving as a template for a full size recreation.


Ore Car Project

Ore Car Project Underway!

Construction of a full-size replica of an 1860s iron ore railway car is underway at the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre.   This type of car was made in Cobourg, the first order produced by the Ontario Foundry, soon to become the famous Crossen Car Company. (Model & Photo byGeorge Parker)

Made of wood and with a tipping design, this car was used to transport iron ore from Blairton (near Marmora) to Trent River Landing and then from Harwood, on the south shore of Rice Lake, to Cobourg for trans-shipping by schooner to Pittsburg.

Most of the Exhibits from 2014 - "Our Military Story" - are now uploaded and can be viewed along with those of 2012 & 2013 by clicking here.

  (Click here to see our 2013 transportation video)

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Watch video of the barracks restoration.

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