Welcome to the SCHC Exhibit Page

Here you can view and/or download (.pdf) the panels from our most recent exhibits. Feel free to share them, use them in school projects –or just to learn a bit more about the heritage of Cobourg, Northumberland County and, of course, Ontario and Canada.

2014 Theme:  Our Military Story

1.  The Militia:
3.  Early Conflicts
iii  Boer War
4.  WWI
i  Vimy Ridge
iv  Currie Trial 1 & 2; 3 & 4
5.  WWII
i  Gordon Keenan
iv  Five Women
v)  Three Chaplains & their Memorial Window
vi)  Victoria Cross
b)  John Foote
viii)  HMCS Cobourg & HMCSPortHope
7.  War & Art

2013 Theme:  Our Transportation Story

1.  Our Native Heritage:   Snowshoe & Toboggan   Canoe & Papoose
4.  The Harbour
          i  The Early Years
          ii  Boom & Bust/Captain Rooney
          iii  The Transition Years
          iv  HMCS Cobourg
          vi  The Renaissance
          vii  The Cobourg Yacht Club
5.   The Railways
          i  Railway Fever
          ii  Getting Started
          iv  Death by Degrees/Our Heritage